Inquiba has a great production capacity at all levels, since it covers all the stages of production: product research, formulation, manufacture of containers, filling and packaging. As a result, we can perfectly meet our clients’ specific needs and thus offer a greater response capacity.
At our own laboratory, we design and test products in a customised way, capable of adapting to the specific needs of each client. This philosophy of flexibility and response is present throughout all the phases of our process.
Our blowing lines mean we can maximise the adaptation of containers to the client’s requirements, both as regards characteristics and volume of production, maintaining highly competitive end prices.
So we guarantee the optimum result in the elaboration of our formulations. The entire process is monitored throughout all its phases by a strict quality control system.
Our processes cover all the aspects necessary for preparing the product and leaving it ready to use. So we control each phase, ensuring product homogeneity and quality.

Our process in images