Inquiba’s track record comprises a long history of work, effort, constant evolution, a commitment to R&D and innovation and knowing how to learn from each circumstance we have encountered. Since 1970, when Juan Carmona, the current Chairman of the company, supported by his wife María, embarked on the project, the development of new techniques, state-of-the-art facilities and new procedures, as well as ongoing investment in the R&D and innovation department, have all been constant features. In 2011, Inquiba received the First Prize for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the Regional Government of Extremadura, in recognition of its work and experience. As a result, we are leaders in the private label household cleaner, personal hygiene and cosmetic product manufacturing sector. .

Consolidation and acquisition of contracts with MDD and Copack Inquiba turns its focus to the private label sector Juan Carmona founds the company