Inquiba has developed a wide range of products specifically designed to take care of laundry: concentrate fabric softener, liquid fabric softener and liquid detergent. Being manufacturers of esterquat, the main raw material making up these products, means Inquiba can offer great advantages to its clients. Furthermore, Inquiba provides its clients with customised production solutions based on its own formulation, manufacture, container design and labelling that are different for each client.

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Fabric softeners
Diluted fabric softener
Concentrate fabric softener
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Liquid detergent
Concentrate detergent
Superconcentrate detergent
Water soluble wrapping

Inquiba formulates, manufactures and packs all types of bath & shower gels and shampoos adapted to its clients’ needs, always based on quality and savings. The bath & shower gels manufactured by Inquiba offer thorough hygiene and moisturise our skin when in use, and afterwards. They are products formulated with the pH neutral of our skin, thus permitting a special care and moisturisation and keeping your skin free from irritations.

The shampoos manufactured by Inquiba are tough on grease, yet gentle, being pleasant to use, with easy-to-rinse foam, leaving hair looking healthy, shiny and soft to the touch. Their perfume, especially selected, give a pleasant feeling during use, and a lingering fragrance to hair.

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Bath & shower gel
Liquid hand soap

Inquiba manufactures all types of top-quality household cleaning products: floor cleaners, household cleaners, window cleaners, all purpose cleaners, grease removers and the full range of washing up products, always prioritizing effectiveness, results and duration. Inquiba adapts to its clients’ specific needs regarding formulation, fragrances and packaging manufacture. This flexibility means we are a leading supplier for private labels and Copack in the household cleaning product sector.

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Household cleaners
All purpose cleaners
Window cleaners
Grease removers

Washing up
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