The verdict of the packaging contest

After five months of work, the Capsule Dispenser Design Contest launched in early December last year, in which 81 students from the Industrial Design and Product Development Degree participated, has come to an end. Alongside the University Center of Mérida (CUMe), where the teams that have been part of this contest are studying, we have […]

Badajoz Province Day Awards 2024

   The provincial president, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, announced the recipients of awards on the occasion of the 2024 Provincial Day. Among these awards is the recognition of Inquiba in the entrepreneurship category and our president, Juan Carmona Estévez, who will receive the Gold Medal of the Province on April 26. Both awards recognize Juan Carmona’s […]

UNIRURAL Scholarship Program

We are among the selected companies to host an intern during this year’s call for applications for the UNIRURAL Scholarship program, which offers internships in rural environments, alongside other companies and entities in the region. Thanks to this program from the University of Extremadura in collaboration with the Diputación de Badajoz and Diputación de Cáceres, […]

Campaign #AchoQuédate

From Inquiba, we launch the talent recruitment and attraction campaign aimed at students from the University of Extremadura and vocational training centers in the region, using the slogan #AchoQuédate. The campaign focuses on highlighting career opportunities and the quality of life offered in the region as a whole, with a particular emphasis on Inquiba. With […]

Más Investigación más Vida

The Más Investigación más Vida Association of Guareña (Badajoz) held its first Charity Gala “Primavera Fest” on the 29th of April with the aim of raising fund for research into gliobastoma.   All the proceeds from this event, as in every other activity organised by Más Investigación más Vida, have been donated to the Centre […]

The favourite detergent in the neighbouring country

Among the cleaning products chosen in the neighboring country is the hypoallergenic detergent with cologne fragrance, manufactured in Inquiba and produced under the Bosque Verde brand. Its new formula guarantees a high efficacy and whiteness and, in addition, it was thought specially for the sensitive skins; this is why it is hypoallergenic character. It is […]

Training in idea generation

Training creativity and active listening to generate more innovative ideas is possible. Our Innoteams and Innofighters, fundamental pillars in our Open Innovation System (SIA), participate in training session in order to acquire these different ways of thinking. This is the case of the last three sessions they have taken part in. In these sessions they […]

Extremadura an entrepreneurial region

Extremadura es una región llena de talento que ansía crecer y expandirse, promocionando sus capacidades y recursos. “Extremadura Región Emprendedora” es un ejemplo de ello y más aún, si cabe, lo son sus embajadores y embajadoras, quienes ya sea por su trayectoria profesional o personal han llevado lejos a nuestra región.  Este conjunto engloba el […]

Industrial water treatment

Our Industrial Water Treatment Project was chosen to represent the Asociación Extremeña de Empresa Familiar at the Congreso Nacional de Empresas Familiar that took place last October. This project, that started more than ten years ago, uses an unique technology to treat the industrial water in a more efficient way no matter its’ composition or […]

The launching of SIA

During the 3rd of November 2022, we presented the Open Innovation System (SIA) in which we have been working during the past months, to the company. With it we intend to create value and offer means that collect, organize, and process all the ideas that are generated on the daily internally and externally and that […]