Reception of the EU-18 reformulation

We celebrate the official act reception of the execution unit of the EU-18 reformulation, work promoted by Inquiba and the local government of our town, Guareña. The purpose of this execution unit is connecting and integrate on the useful way the urbanization with the infrastructures, communications and current public services, supplement the infrastructures and publics […]

20th Anniversary of the Family Business Association of Extremadura

Last June our CEO, Juan Carmona Béjar, was at the 20th anniversary of the Extremadura Family Business Association. The event gathers more than 100 business families from the region that today set up AEEF, whose work and trajectory provide essential value to Extremadura. AEEF has been celebrating two decades the development, support and strengthening of […]

Appearing in Canal Extremadura TV

We are in expansion and in this way, we tell in Dos de Tarde TV program of Canal Extremadura. Behind each product there is a broad human team making possible its development. Their effort and diary work, with a perfectly defined process and clear objectives, position us like leads of the market. Maintaining this point […]

Más Investigación más Vida

The Más Investigación más Vida Association of Guareña (Badajoz) held its first Charity Gala “Primavera Fest” on the 29th of April with the aim of raising fund for research into gliobastoma.   All the proceeds from this event, as in every other activity organised by Más Investigación más Vida, have been donated to the Centre […]

Professional Training Dual

With de aim of promoting pratical learning inside Professional Training, we began our path in the field of the Professional Training Dual in 2021, hosting in our facilities two people from the Electricity Training Cycle of the Cuatro Caminos Secondary School in Don Benito.  Since then, nine people has participated in several fields of the […]

Family Business in the classroom

Last February, Inquiba closed the month with the students of baccalaureate first course of Colegio San José of Villafranca visit in the context of 2nd edition of Family Business in the classroom, organised for the Extremeña Association Family Business, which we form part. This project brings businesses closer to the educational environment with the aim […]

V Adventure Raid in Guareña

Last Tuesday, 28th february, took place the 5th  Edition of Adventure Raid in Guareña, organised for IES Eugenio Frutos and with Inquiba collaborated once again.  More than 300 participants, coming from Don Bentio, Villanueva de la Serena, Fregenal de la Sierra and Guareña, completed a multidisciplinate activities combination in an extensive orienteering through the locality. […]

The favourite detergent in the neighbouring country

Among the cleaning products chosen in the neighboring country is the hypoallergenic detergent with cologne fragrance, manufactured in Inquiba and produced under the Bosque Verde brand. Its new formula guarantees a high efficacy and whiteness and, in addition, it was thought specially for the sensitive skins; this is why it is hypoallergenic character. It is […]

Training in idea generation

Training creativity and active listening to generate more innovative ideas is possible. Our Innoteams and Innofighters, fundamental pillars in our Open Innovation System (SIA), participate in training session in order to acquire these different ways of thinking. This is the case of the last three sessions they have taken part in. In these sessions they […]

Extremadura an entrepreneurial region

Extremadura es una región llena de talento que ansía crecer y expandirse, promocionando sus capacidades y recursos. “Extremadura Región Emprendedora” es un ejemplo de ello y más aún, si cabe, lo son sus embajadores y embajadoras, quienes ya sea por su trayectoria profesional o personal han llevado lejos a nuestra región.  Este conjunto engloba el […]